About us

ITC Group is an IT service enterprise and repair center. It’s primary objectives are the complete service, the maintenance works and testing processes for different brands of ATM machines, cashiers, tellers, card pay systems, passbook printers, information, statement terminals, deposit machines as well as their modules for customers around the world.

We emphasize on the highest possible quality of our service, using cost effective and flexible repair. We allow the process to be as brief as possible for each customer. Furthermore, we provide our customers and their technical staff complete repair and training courses additionally to consulting and evaluation services.

We are able to supply spare parts; modules, and complete machines. We also cooperate in parts exchange or "Advanced exchange" services with our clients. Our task is to offer complete warehousing services hand-in-hand with eventual refurbishment, structural repair
or renovation in order to offer cost effective complex solutions. Essentially, we are open for any customer tailored services and warehousing activities related to this industry.

Besides, our purchase department is greatly interested in buying out your obsolete stock
of machines, modules or spare parts. Should any assistance be required in a "Roll out" of products we are able and willing to help the organization of the logistics, warehousing and transportation.

Our services include environmental recycle and waste disposal activities for aged, running out machines, parts, modules and machines parts at the termination of their working economical life.

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