• Complete maintenance and service
  • Hardware & Software testing
  • Repair training courses and seminars
  • Consulting and evaluation services
  • Spare parts, modules and complete machines supply
  • Spare parts Exchange and/or "Advanced Exchange" with clients
  • Complete warehousing services
  • Refurbishment, structural repair and renovation
  • Customized and tailor made service, logistics and warehouse solutions
  • Purchase of old or obsolete stock of spare parts, modules and machines
  • "Roll out" products service assistance, warehousing and logistics
  • Environmental services of ATM recycling, parts and modules recycling buy out and waste disposal

Customer friendly and advantageous solutions, costs saving - up to 60% !

Advanced Refurbishment On Site After the initial audit and analysis of the situation we are able to renovate your ATM directly at the ATM location, without relocating to our renovation center. This allows you to save up to 60% of the acquisition cost
on the new ATM!

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